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Welcome to my website. I know about myself that whenever I find a new and exciting book, I would like to gain all the information about the writer, so let me introduce myself in a few words. I was born in Hungary and I lived there for a long time. I felt different all my childhood. I did not care about ordinary things, but of course, I did not reveal it to the external world. I used to dream about meeting other, extraterrestrial civilisations. I had the gut feeling what I was taught in school was impossible. Evolution, monkeys and the others... Even if I mentioned what was on my mind, they would laught at me. ”Get down to earth, stop daydreaming.” So in order to avoid sarcastic remarks, I kept my thoughts to myself. Many years have passed since then, but my opinion about the world has not changed at all. On the contrary, I have gained more and more information that justified me, due to which the idea came to put my thoughts on paper included in an exciting story. I would like people not to accept what they are forced to believe, but dare to think further.

The idea was born two years ago, but then I talked about it only to a good friend of mine. She is more than a simple friend, she was a real emotional support, when after my divorce I was at a low point. After long hours of conversation she opened my eyes about what I would  like, what I would really love to do. The solution had been in front of me all the time, but I suppressed it. Two years ago it flashed into my mind: the possibility of writing a book. I began collecting information immediately. The genre of the book is fantasy/sci-fi. The theme was inspired by reality, perceived reality, and the events I experienced and lived through.

I have had recurring dreams for years, which all take place in ages hundreds of years ago. Egypt, South-America were often among the scenes, but several times some tribal clashes appeared before my eyes. Since it did not let me rest, I investigated into the reasons. I believe in previous lives, reincarnation, and that if we have some tasks in the world, our souls might be reborn in any form. During my research I bumped into information that is likely to be based on reality, but it is denied and hidden from average people. A couple of months later I had so many notes that it reached the size of a small book, so I got down to writing.

It was not easy, I was working, bringing up my child alone, and in the evenings when everything went quite I began to write the book. I progressed slowly as I did not want this book to become a thrown-together mess for quick money making. Moreover, I was able to write only 1-2 hours a night. I checked every important piece of information, tiny detail several times, and I slowly built up the book. However, 3-4 months later I got stuck. Every day problems hindered me, therefore I had to put aside writing for a while. However, whenever a picture flashed into my mind related to the story, I would immediately jot it down, whereever I was at that moment. The amount of my notes and collected information continued to grow, while the book was left unchanged and a year passed. At the beginning of 2012 I started again, this time with more focus. I rewrote all the pages I had written until then. While writing I would always listen to music through my headphones. Music helped an incredibly lot, I practically could not stop it. I was before a decision, I felt I would not be able to stay at my workplace any longer, I had to change or else I would go nuts. I gave up my job in February, and for three months I concentrated merely on writing. Within three months, with 6-8-10 hours of writing a day my first book was completed. It was hard to stop writing as I would have preferred to go on with it. However, as I had planned the story as a trilogy, I wrote it on purpose with an open-ending leaving the reader a chance for further contemplation. Furthermore, I left several questions unanswered so that as a planned continuation further secrets should be revealed.

I was very proud that I had managed. However, the most difficult part was yet to come. I had to find a publisher, which did not turn out the way I planned, because most of the publishers rejected me without reading my manuscript, or they judged if it was worth dealing with my book or not after reading the first three chapters. What a foolish nonsense... The first three chapters are simply not enough to get a real impression about the work of art, especially about a story that consists of plenty of information and data, which need to be introduced and circumscribed. Anyhow, there was one publisher that agreed to publish my book, but not free of charge. Besides the book is presently available only at on-line bookshops, which I hope will soon change.


In my opinion, it is a rarity to find books from the pen of Eastern-European women, my work is a real treat for sci-fi fans who are fond of not only ”tales”. The both exciting and entertaining story is based on collected scientific information, due to which a new world unfolded before my eyes, which I tried to present to my readers in full details. The book raises new questions about the origins of humanity. Who are we? Why did we come to Earth? Who can we trust more? Those wanting us to believe we can rely only on them, or the ones who have just appeared in our lives, and yet we feel as if we had always known them.


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